4 Reasons I Got a Long Term Car Rental in Singapore

4 Reasons I Got a Long Term Car Rental in Singapore

January 6, 2023 0 By Bobby Piland

Many things need to be clarified about car leasing in Singapore. People think that if you already have a personal vehicle, you have no use for leasing or renting a car, especially long term. If you don’t have a private vehicle, they may think that car leasing is more expensive and you’re better off saving up to buy one. But as someone who gets long term car rentals while still owning a private vehicle, these conceptions aren’t true. Here are the four benefits I enjoy from regularly renting cars.

1. It Preserves My Personal Vehicle

While I have a personal vehicle, I dislike using it for long road trips or trips where I need to bring many things. I want to preserve the condition and quality of my car so that I can continue using it for years before it starts to wear down. That’s why I get a long term car rental in Singapore whenever I need to go on a long trip. I can keep my vehicle safely at home during these trips, where it doesn’t have to go through unnecessary wear and tear.

2. I Can Enjoy Zero Maintenance

One of the aspects I don’t appreciate about owning a vehicle is the maintenance, which doesn’t just include keeping it clean. Owning a car means taking care of its insurance, documentation, and upkeep. But if I get a long term car rental in Singapore, I don’t have to worry about all the details. I can pick up the vehicle from their shop and use it immediately while the rental car company deals with all the formalities.

3. The Contracts Are Flexible

People think you’re stuck with the specific car rental duration you signed up for, but that’s only true for some car rental companies. The best thing about car leasing in Singapore is that you can adjust the rental duration for as long or as short as you want. I’ve personally extended my car rentals for months due to circumstances I didn’t consider when I first signed the contract. Other times I’ve cut the contract short and returned the car early because I returned from my trip sooner than expected.

4. I Can Try Different Car Models

Many people like renting cars instead of buying them because it can be challenging to commit to one vehicle. You may have several dream cars, and committing to one may mean you’ll never be able to try the others. But with luxury car rental services in Singapore, you can alternate between all your favourites. I don’t have a particular dream car, but I enjoy trying new vehicles as they come out.

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