Things to do in Vik, Iceland

Things to do in Vik, Iceland

June 15, 2023 0 By Richard Easley

When visiting Iceland, one of the nicest places to visit is Vik. A cute little village located on the south coast. When you get to Vik you should begin at Reynisfjara, an Icelandic black sand beach just a stone’s throw away from Vik. With its basalt columns and super strong waves, it’s the perfect backdrop to start your trip around Vik. 

When you’re at the beach you’ll see Reynisdrangar, which is 3 jagged basalt sea stacks standing in the waters. Local legend tells a tale of trolls turned to stone in the early morning light. 

When visiting the beach just remember that there are sneaker waves, which are super strong and can pull you under the water. Don’t ever turn your back to the sea here and pay attention to the warning signs. 

Next, head to Dyrhólaey, a small promontory rich in birdlife, most notably puffins. The sight of these colourful birds nesting amidst the cliffs is one of pure delight. The cliff’s edge also offers panoramic views of glaciers, beaches, and sea stacks, which makes for a great photo spot.

Afterward, it’s time to explore the Vik’s Church, sitting on a hill above the village. This simple, yet charming, white church offers breathtaking views of the village below and the mountains beyond. Even if you’re not particularly religious, I really recommend visiting this church as it’s a good example of Icelandic church architecture and makes for nice photos.

Lastly, finish off your day at Sudur Vik, a local restaurant renowned for its lamb and seafood dishes. Here, you’ll not only get a taste of Iceland’s culinary offerings.