Nusa Penida: Gorgeous Beach and Much More

Nusa Penida: Gorgeous Beach and Much More

August 24, 2023 0 By admin

People who love to be on the beach get easily tired of the hustle of city life. A short trip to the salty air and sandy beach brings them a fresh breath of life that helps them cope with the daily hustle once again. Nusa Penida, an abode of breathtaking beauty, happens to be located near Bali, another popular destination for people across the world. Nusa Penida is home to coral reefs teeming with fishes, epic diving spots, a backcountry of hills and forests, and much more. It is usually less busy and can keep you away from the crowd while you enjoy a dreamy vacation. Arriving at Nusa Penida happens to be an easy chore as there are multiple departures from popular locations including Bali.

Much to explore

Though it is making a stir, it still has some rustic, untouched places to explore. It is easy to find some smiling locals and taverns with serves of delicious seafood on your one day trip nusa penida. Some beaches happen to be still almost deserted and waiting for someone to enjoy its beauty. Nusa Penida can be the perfect gateway for people wanting to flee the crowd and rest in the lap of nature.

Gorgeous beaches to blow your mind

This islet will make you gasp with its perfectly gorgeous white sand beaches along with soaring cliffs and exotic coast palms. It is almost a beautiful cocktail of Thailand and Greece and offers places like Diamond Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Auth Beach, and T-Rex Beach.

Scuba diving

Nusa Penida is not only for lazy strolls on the beaches and a bite of sea food, it also offers adventure sports. It is perfect for sporting your oxygen tank and bubble blowers. Drift dives are another popular activity where the divers float along the reef with the ocean current. There are plenty of schools ready to help beginners with diving. Even if you are embracing the bubble blower for the first time, you will have an incredible experience. Not only scuba diving, but surfing is another activity that you can try. People wanting to enjoy the best waves can get transferred to Nusa Lembongan for an adrenalin rush.