The Top 5 Places Around Perth For Watersport Enthusiasts

The Top 5 Places Around Perth For Watersport Enthusiasts

December 23, 2021 0 By admin

Perth is one of the most remote cities on earth and it remains a paradise for many. From its iconic skyline to the golden sands, visitors are certain to have a remarkably beautiful experience with each adventure. There is one type of traveller that perhaps above all others will be drawn to Perth, and that is watersports enthusiasts.

While Australia as a whole is an essential destination for surfers and swimmers alike, from Manly Beach to Shoalwater Bay, with many travelling to the country’s easterly coast for their adventure, it is Perth that remains most cherished to those that have experienced it before. To show you what makes the city a watersports paradise, here are the top five places around Perth for watersports enthusiasts who want to make their trip unforgettable.

Rottnest Island

An island that has some of the most beguiling shores, many with regular and marvellous breaks, remains one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Rottnest Island is a short ride from Perth, accessible by a thirty-minute ferry ride, and is abundant with white sands, incredible wildlife, and gorgeous scenery.

For watersports enthusiasts, it is a haven, and not only for surfers. With a number of shipwrecks and coral reefs, it is scuba divers and snorkelers who will have the most fun when visiting.

Scarborough Beach

With great connections between Perth and Stirling, there are few reasons not to experience Scarborough Beach. The shore gets a reliable wind and surf, with groundswells offering surfers the waves they desire. The waters here can be a little extreme, which is great for those more confident on their board, others, however, might find themselves spending more time enjoying the views and city life.


If you are just getting to know your paddle- or surfboard, it is Mullaloo that might better meet your needs. Just a short drive from Perth’s centre, Mullaloo has a great and more tempered surf than Scarborough, although it can get a little rocky depending on your chosen spot.

Back Beach

Shifting sandbars and open beaches make Back Beach an excellent destination just north of Perth. It’s a great beach for confident watersports enthusiasts and beginners alike, and is also a preferred spot in the region for fishers too.

If you’re driving or cycling to the beach, there are also great coastal paths, as well as the ability to pull right up onto the shore, which is perfect for those travelling from afar.

Ocean Beach

If you’re looking for privacy while you dive or surf, Ocean Beach is likely to be the best choice for you. It’s quite a way south of Perth, taking about four and a half hours to drive, but is worth the journey for its great waves, clean sands, and, importantly, few crowds.

Ocean Beach is also an ideal location for those who find themselves in Perth during the winter months, as it gets dependable swell at this time of year, with plenty of clean waves too.