Don’t Let Money Be a Hindrance: Rent Amount for Bank Guarantee

Don’t Let Money Be a Hindrance: Rent Amount for Bank Guarantee

September 14, 2022 0 By admin

Money is something that is necessary for life. From education, shelter over the head, clothes, food and even fulfilling dreams, there is nothing we can do without money. It enables us to have a kind of control over the things going on in life. In fact, we can easily find ourselves in trouble if we run out of money or have less than what is required. There are some things in life that actually costs much like some treatment procedures and pursuing education overseas.

Going abroad for further studies requires a person have some bank documents assuring of financial status. Even visiting abroad for travel purposes also requires the bank to issue documents so the traveler can avail of a visa. Without this document, the embassy can just deny you a visa for travel or study purposes. A lack of bank documents can actually be a hindrance in fulfilling your dream of studying or traveling to another country.

Types of solution

One can definitely take a loan for this purpose. But the procedure will take longer and the interest rate is quite high. Doing a course abroad or traveling for a few weeks can become a long-term obligation as you proceed with a loan. On the other hand, renting money from your acquaintances will not help in getting a bank document if you fail to accumulate the required sum. The best way is to rent money for a bank guarantee (เช่า เงิน ทำ แบงค์ กา รัน ตี, term in Thai) where the obligation ends as soon as you return the amount once you get the documents.

Renting money

This is a process where a person rents a certain amount in exchange for a fee. There is actually no interest rate on the capital. The person traveling abroad will have to avail of the service by signing a contract. The amount is transferred to the bank account of the signee so that the bank can issue the documents. As the procedure put real money in the bank account, the documents that the person get is also real.

There is nothing that is fake or forged. Once the documents are issued, the signee has to proceed with the refund procedure. In this way, people can get bank documents without taking a loan. The amount you pay as a fee is much lesser than the amount you will pay as interest. It is a great way to get what you want while making sure that you do not spend too much.

While taking a loan might seem a good choice for now as you get time to pay it off, it might actually become a tough liability to deal with. As you spend time away from home, you will have to spend a significant amount of money. In fact, you can even spend more than what you expected. Paying the loan off with regular payments can become tough at any given point of time. But renting the amount will definitely put lesser pressure and you will get the documents in time.