#SummerReady: 7 Easy, Simple Poses To Try At A Beach Bar In Singapore

#SummerReady: 7 Easy, Simple Poses To Try At A Beach Bar In Singapore

September 2, 2022 0 By admin

There is never a right or wrong time to hit the beach. You can have summer even in the coldest yet weirdest weather. And if you are waiting for a sign to hit the beach, this is it! You deserve some time off from the hustle and bustle world, especially if it’s in a beautiful, picturesque setting close enough to the heart of the country, say in Sentosa over brunch. It is accessible enough to give you the chance to unwind and enjoy a peaceful, scenic view. The best part here is you will never have to go all the way to the other side of the country for a vacation in a piece of paradise. All you need to do is find a beach bar in Singapore.

When the sun is shining, people get the urge to hit the beach more. Enjoying the sea view from a restaurant in Singapore while taking the best photos is the goal when going to these beach bars. Whether you are a bikini model, want some stunning shots, or doing paid advertisements for Instagram, maximise your potential by flaunting your swimwear, heading to Siloso, and finding a beach bar. Posing in a bikini isn’t easy, especially when you are doing it in public places. Unless you are a professional model, you will never have to worry about personal hang-ups.

If you struggle with posing, stop worrying! Keep scrolling for easy, classy, and effortless poses when visiting a beach bar in Singapore.


People always see bikini photos as something hot, sexy, and steamy, but it does not always have to be that way, especially if you are not too comfortable posing in a swimsuit. When struggling with posing in shared spaces, such as a beach bar in Singapore, the secret is boosting your self-esteem. You might not feel confident at first. If that is the case, start slow and simple, working your way up to bringing out confidence in yourself and creating more complicated bikini poses.

If you like to keep things low-key, sassy, and classy, here are some subtle poses you can try for your next summer Instagram beach photo, whether on an actual beach, a lake, or a beach bar in Singapore.


Nothing beats one of the classic beach poses, the looking back! This pose is the best bet, especially when you have a stunning sea view from a restaurant in Singapore. If you are a bit shy to pose in front of many people but still aim for a sassy, effortless way to show some skin, try the looking-back pose for a subtle touch to highlight your cheeky bum or flaunt your backless top. It is perfect for backless dresses or one-piece swimsuits with a low-back design.



Another good posing idea when going to a beach bar in Singaporeis the casually putting on something pose. This pose can work whether on your bikini or is still fully clothed. All you need here is a good prop. It can be a floppy hat, your trusty aviators, a cover-up, or a scarf. For something easy and effortless, tilt your head down, look to the ground, and pretend like you are casually putting on your prop.


A boat parked by the shore makes the perfect OOTD prop! It can make witty captions on your social media accounts. If you spot a parked boat, tree, or anything you can lean on while strolling Siloso and finding a beach bar, use it as your prop. Stand tall, keep your legs straightened and stretched, one foot forward, lean back on one hand, and do your aura. You may look away, stare at the camera, sit down, or put your hand on your chin for a more natural-looking result.

When you feel awkward posing at the beach, finding something to lean on can actually make you feel extra comfortable in front of the camera. If you finally catch a good beach bar in Singaporeto hang out in, you can also strike a pose along the entrance and do this pose.



One of the classics is the fake-tying-your-hair pose! This pose is also best when you have a stunning sea view from a restaurant in Singapore. The photo will highlight the scenery while still giving attention to you. Ask your friend to take the shot from afar, be sure to position you in the centre of the photo, and pretend like you are tying your hair to nail that ‘stolen’ shot. Another bonus idea is to look like you are casually strolling. This pose can capture both the tropical view and your classy swimsuit.


If you are still shy to strike a pose in public places, there is no need to worry. How about this posing idea? Just turn your sexy back against the camera, slightly angle your body, and show off the stellar sea view from a restaurant in Singapore. You do not always have to look at the camera. Try this one instead!


When you head to a beach bar in Singapore, expect numerous palm trees and parasols. Palm trees can help you create such good photos. Very Instagram-worthy! Lean down or sit down beneath the palm trees and let its shadows, especially the leaves, subtly add drama to your next beach profile photo. You can also use your hands for shadow play. If you do not know where to place your hands, shade yourself from the sun for the striking-the-sun pose.



When in doubt, just let the camera capture your genuine laugh or the trendy and all-time of many influencers, the ‘fake’ laugh pose. You can ace this pose whether outside, along the shores, or inside the beach bar in Singapore. If you want a demure pose, take a seat, ask your photographer to sit across from you, and take the photo from their angle. You may look away from the camera or close your eyes. Then do the fake-laugh pose.


The best bikini poses are accessible to everyone! Whether confident or shy, you can make yourself look like a goddess of the sea with good poses. Also, remember that while you have your own insecurities and hang-ups, so does everyone else, but everybody is uniquely beautiful. But with the bikini poses on this list, anyone can look effortlessly astonishing on a sun-soaked beach. Be sure to arm yourself with these seven poses before heading to a beach bar in Singapore and hitting the shores!

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